Fleet from your forwarder in Bavaria

Our fleet

Our fleet consists of 5 DAF tractor units with trailers from Knapen and Schwarzmüller.
The vehicles are state of the art, with the latest equipment.

Complete transport tracking

Thanks to the use of modern communication systems and on-board printers, we ensure seamless transport tracking via Webfleet and fast computerised transmission of transport documents for our customers at all times.

Our drivers

Our drivers are regularly trained by our transport manager in accordance with current regulations.

Your specialist for bulk goods transport

We specialise in the transport of bulk goods, in particular waste transport.
Our licences cover the transport of waste nationally, as well as to Italy and the Benelux countries.
We also move everything that is loaded in bulk.
We look forward to receiving your enquiry at any time.
High-performance partners, whose vehicles we can also use for you, support us in reliably getting the commissioned transports on the road on time for our customers at all times.